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Space STG II

2.99 usd

Space STG II - Death Rain ist ein Science-Fiction-Echtzeit-Strategiespiel. Es ist die Fortsetzung von Space STG, der Finalist des ADC II Wettbewerb! Das ist Demo-Version mit 4 freien Missionen. Tauchen Sie ein in eine tödliche Krieg der Clans. Erkunden Sie Solaranlagen, verwalte Städte, entwickeln Technologien und schaffen Raum Flotte.
"STG II is quite immersive and offers much more depth than most Android RTS games I've seen thus far. With a deep tech-tree, multiple ships, upgrades, and plenty of things to manage, it will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. The computer AI seems relatively intelligent, in an artificial sort of way, and provides a tough challenge - even on the standard difficulty." -
Game provides:40 beautiful missions in scenario, one special suprise mission endless quick missions.8 ships: Transporter, Fighter, Warrior, Rocketer, Warship and MotherShip.8 upgrades of ships to modern your combat. For instance: Shoots from distance, bombard buildings, transformation of ships. 7 special technology to spread power and chaos. For instance: nuclear missile, electrical storm, planetary shield, mining station.7 technologies to raise your domination. For instance: turn back in time, planetary tunel, invisibility, hologram, antimatern layer.
If you want to spend some time establishing, developing and conquering, you should try this most wanted RTS game.